American Lay Flat Inc. İs a division of the PM Group.  PM Group has been a leader in the fluid industry since 1985 by offering world class products, services and trun key projects around the world.

As American Lay Flat Inc. we are proud to be one of the few direct manufacturers of Pvc Lay Flat Hoses in America and Europe. We have spent   three years in  R&D and building effective business relationships in the United States and 60 countries worldwide. 

Our company sells to the following market segments around the world: Agriculture& Irrigation, Mining,Industry, Marine supply and Petroleum Transport. 

Our business always concentrates on quality and we offer a wide range of lay flat products for Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Water Transportation, Traveller Irrigation,  Pivot Irrigation, Sub-mains,  pipes for  Rainwater Recycling and a variety of other  applications.

At American Lay Flat Inc, our team is continues  to create productsto meet the needs of our customers for both current and future demand. Our main criteria for our continued investment is to balance quality and cost with curent and future market requirements.

We constantly attend seminars, conferences and international trade fairs to further develop our knowledge andf market our brand.  Our products have been tested and certified by the most widely recognized international laboratories, including the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) at Fresno State University.

We are committed to maintaining our innovative and aggressive investments to create new solutions for fluid systems.

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